Raw Food Diet – The Facts

What is a raw food diet?

Well basically it is eating raw, or warmed up food, but not cooked. The diet will tend to be vegetables, but it is possible to include raw animal products, such as raw milk, cheese made from raw milk, ceviche (raw fish), carpaccio (raw meat) or sashimi.

While some people will eat only raw foods, others will eat mostly raw foods (maybe 70%) and add in cooked food for both convenience and variety.

Why a raw food diet?

People eat a raw food diet because they believe that the mostly healthy food is uncooked food. Cooking is thought to destroy the enzymes that are naturally present in food. According to the experts enzymes in food help us to digest food and absorb nutrients much better than cooked food. If we eat too much cooked food, our bodies have to work harder, and over time it is thought it can lead to nutrient deficiency, digestive problems, accelerated aging and weight problems.

Some people will eat a raw food diet for just a few short weeks as a detox of their system, other people love the benefits of it so much they stay on the diet 100% for ever. Others will incorporate it in to their lives, eating maybe 70% raw, and the rest of the time cooked.

Some people have reported that after eating raw foods only they have a big increase in energy. When you first start on a raw food diet the changes can be quite hard on the body, so give it some time for your body to adjust, and try to get organic fruit and vegetables as the increase in products with pesticides may not agree with your body.

Until you try it, get used to it, and see the benefits for yourself you won’t know – will you?


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